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6th 03Dear Archie,

We have been in our house for two years, and we love it. In the twenty-one years Ed and I have been together, we have lived in ten houses, (two of them built from scratch - the others total gut jobs). Our attention span has generally been two years per house – once it's perfect and beautiful it's time to move on to the next project. Things have changed.

Ed and I both come from a design background. I am a perfectionist. I make myself, and those around me, nuts, but the results are beautiful houses, often published. When we moved back to Texas, we had trained the best of the best, as contractors go. We came here knowing no one. We had no sources. We leased a house in Travis Heights for six months. And started looking to buy.

Our agent showed us houses in Tarrytown and Rollingwood – that's what I thought we wanted. But we kept coming back to a newly poured cement slab near downtown that had your name and phone number on a small sign in front. Your plan was to build the house, then sell it; we saw an opportunity to customize the house to our specifications. Use your ideas, use our ideas. You didn't flinch when I fessed up to being very difficult.

Turned out to be the best working relationship we have ever had. You are honorable, honest, kind, and very easy to work with. You always had our back. You gave us a lists of sources, enabling us to do our homework and make choices quickly. Even when we had to truck in stone from another state for the bathrooms at the last minute, as we couldn't find what we wanted here, you smiled and went with it.

Our experience during those several months was never frustrating or worrisome – what you agreed to do, you did. Always on time. When you said you would get back to us with answers, you did. We talked every day. You never raised your voice. Never showed frustration. You always treated us like you appreciated our business.

We love living here – we love this home. The experience of building has never gone this smoothly for us. You are a pro to work with. And, I promise you, when we build our next house, you are our guy. We wouldn't have it any other way. Walled and gated and solar this and green that – we will make a wonderful house together.

Thank you for everything - you are truly the best.

Doug Taylor
1611 S 6th Street
Austin, TX
July 7, 2009