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January 17, 2011

RE: Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

Winding exFinal11102010001My wife is the owner of Prudential Texas Realty and we have been in the residential real estate business in Austin for 30 years. Our home at 3503 Winding Creek Dr. in the Estates of Barton Creek had experienced extensive water leaks. Twice we hired contractors to fix the cause of the leaks and repair the damage. Despite the huge cost we were charged for the repairs neither of the previous contractors was successful at fixing the leaks and neither contractor would warrant their work despite assurances that they warranted all their work.

We hired Ideal Custom Homes in January 2010 to fix the leaks and repair the extensive damage caused by the leaks. Ideal Custom Homes and Archie Cheatham thoroughly inspected the problems and brought in additional inspectors & engineers at the beginning & thought out the project to insure that the problems were being fixed and the work was being done correctly. Mr. Cheatham is the most experienced and conscientious contractor with which we have ever worked. He was able to fix the extensive and complex problems while working around us living in the home. Mr. Cheatham is very detailed in his approach to solving the problem and making the repairs. Mr. Cheatham demands very high quality work from his sub-contractors and staff. The quality and workmanship of all work was excellent. Mr. Cheatham was on the job personally supervising the work. We do not think anyone else could have done the job as well or produced as high quality of repair as Ideal Custom Homes.

We would highly recommend Archie Cheatham and Ideal Custom Home to anyone wanting a new home built or to repair and renovate their existing home.

Do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions or want additional information.


Rick Jenkins


Prudential Texas Realty
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